What's in your Medical Kit?

A while back, I posted a Medical Kit list taken from a 1916 hiker's article. It received a lot of comments and opened up some interesting discussions and further input. I was freshening up my Medical Kit this week while getting ready for a trip to Michoacan, and got to wondering... what does everybody else carry in their current medical Kit, that is, if you even carry one.

If you want to post a detailed list here, I would love to see it, in order to compare against mine.

Consider listing the name of the items, quantity or ounces, their intended use or purpose, and add any special use you've made of an item, or mention a time of dire straights that you were really glad you had a particular item with you.

Bourbon, Scotch, bottles of wine hidden (unbeknownst to them) in your hiking partner's pack, or a Good Tequila, may be considered the norm in medicinal improvisations for pain and sleep medications.. Any other special or additional notes of interest will add to our enjoyment of your posting. I'll post mine here too... later. Upgrading your Medical Kit prior to posting here is not only allowed, but is advised, as some of these guys will really razz you if your kit is not up to their acceptable standards. The lists posted here will help in upgrading our own Medical Kit check lists.

PS: We'll do kitchen cook kits, repair kits, sleeping gear, etc later if this goes over well. If this has already been done (recently) just slap me. I'm new here (8 weeks) and have not read all of the posts... yet. Brum

PS: Note: This is not an Ultra Light posting, so, don't lie to look good on here! <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/wink.gif" alt="" />