Hi all, I went to wally world and picked up some green rip stop nylon and built a rainfly for my homemade hammock. To water proof the ripstop, I used a plastic container and poured in about a pint of Klean strip brand oderless mineral sprits and then added about a cup of Dow silicone 999A . I mixed until it was very liquid and totally clear. I then poured it on the tarp I had setup taught and low enough to work around all sides. I used a plastic squeege and worked fast. It left a few clear lines but the results are acceptable (to me). The tarp dried within a few hours and I put the water hose on it. It beaded and didn' t leak. It's forcast to rain tonight and I will leave it up and get under it to test. Wish I could post pics of it but there's not a lot to see. I based the tarp on the Clark unit and copied dimensions from their web site.