[quote]I'd like to add that while Aqua Mira itself has not received any EPA certification, it DOES produce levels of chlorine dioxide that are comparable to (actually exceed) the EPA dosages recommended for municipalities using chlorine dioxide as their water treatment. I look at this as if Aqua Mira (and MicroPur tablets) are the "generic" version of the name brand. Same dose, same effect.
I still don't understand why after all these years Aqua Mira hasn't completed the EPA test. To me it raises too many questions. I know that others say that it is a long process and costs money, but they have had the time and to be able to say they pass would give Aqua Mira a credibility increase and would permit statements as to the effectiveness of the product, which they can't do now.

The MSR MIOX Purifier has passed the EPA Guide Standard & Protocol for Microbiological Purifiers, by inactivating bacteria, viruses, and protozoan cysts to required levels in both “Type 1” and “Type 2” waters.
EPA Establishment Number 69723-NM-001.

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