Aqua Mira has ... a ... less than ideal test done by Dr. Ryan Jordan

I'd like to add that while Aqua Mira itself has not received any EPA certification, it DOES produce levels of chlorine dioxide that are comparable to (actually exceed) the EPA dosages recommended for municipalities using chlorine dioxide as their water treatment. I look at this as if Aqua Mira (and MicroPur tablets) are the "generic" version of the name brand. Same dose, same effect.

The only technology I'm surprised is not represented in the outdoor market is ozone. No taste, no smell, and actually leaves the water "fresh" tasting. The water coming out of your tap is probably ozonated during the treatment process. This alone would be enough to kill the pathogens, but ozone has very little "staying power". It rapidly dissipates. That's where the chlorine dioxide comes in - to ensure the water stays disease-free all the way to your tap.