To know if whatever you're doing to your water really works, you'd have to send samples of both untreated and treated water from a number of sources to a reputable lab for testing. I wonder if anyone has done this? In fact, I wonder if the manufacturers have done this, because I sure haven't found any evidence on their websites that I've looked at. The reason for sampling both untreated and treated water is that you need to find out if the source has anything harmful in it in the first place. Just saying you used xxx to treat your water and you didn't get sick doesn't prove anything. The water may be pure in the first place or you may be immune to whatever is in it.

That being said, I filter my water regardless of source. Some years back, I had a friend get a really nasty case of giardia from a spring in the high Cascades. That was the only place on the trip that he didn't filter his water, because it was coming right out of the hillside.
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