Hey, Xelif, good research, I've copied your info to my Water Purification folder. Thanks for sharing it here, and please keep us updated on what you come up with regarding proper or improper containers for UV treatment. I will pass your info on to the staff at Living Waters International. Peoples health and even their lives are at stake in the third world countries where every purification process must be made available to them asap.

Ya see that's why I like this group of people, nobody gets upset when you share, discuss, (or even disagree over) knowledge. In contrast, I'm in an ongoing battle over at HikingForums.net over whether you should carry a 44 magnum or a chili pepper spray in known bear and lion country. Seems kinda cut and dry to me, but some people just don't like guns to the point of being silly about it. And don't ya'll go start on me over here about it too! <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/smirk.gif" alt="" /> Brum