It's true the benefits tablets have are that they are initially cheaper and weigh less for a typical week long trip, but...

I like my MIOX for a few reasons. One, the unit has never failed me. This is not to say that it won't ever fail, but I haven't had problems with it and I use it as my exclusive water treatment system when backpacking.

I believe that it does add an anti-microbial coating to the bottles, pots, and cups I use. I always add a small dose of MIOX when cleaning dishes. This is an added benefit over drops or pills. Since treating my Camelbak reservoir with MIOX it has stopped developing mold because I failed to let it dry out.

I've used it as a topical agent to treat minor wounds (abrasion injuries). It has effectively halted any infection from appearing in several injuries I've had on the trail. I actually carry it in my mtn bike pack because it works so well for me in case of a crash (and to treat water if I run out).

It doesn't taste bad when the proper dose is added and I've never gotten sick from backcountry water.

I also use it in the winter and believe it is one of the best solutions for winter water use. Instead of boiling water after melting the snow, I simply melt the snow to liquid and then add a dose of MIOX. I also add MIOX to my water bottle as I'm hiking and add snow along the way. This works very well for me and makes treating water a breeze in the winter. MIOX is not effected by super cold water. It will work in any temperature.

At 3 oz., it really isn't that big of an issue to carry. Yes, it's heavier than pills, but the benefits for me have proven it's worth it's weight. I've used pills and drops both and simply like using the MIOX better. When I add it to the water it disappears immediately and it is very visual to me that the solution mixes in better than a pill. I also think it makes the water taste less of chemical, again, if the proper dose is administered. Too often I hear people say they can taste the chemical or MIOX makes the water taste bad. Most of the time this is due to people putting in too much chemical or shaking the unit more than is needed resulting in too much salt saturation.

There are many who think the MIOX is over complicated and perhaps even overkill for a solo, ultralight backpacker. It is one of the best, and most overlooked, solutions for backcountry soloists in my opinion. To disregard it is to do yourself a disservice. Are there cheaper solutions? Yes. Are there lighter solutions? Yes. However, there isn't another water-treatment product that can also treat containers and be used as a topical agent. Nor one that does as much water as fast (compared to pumps) without worrying about running out of pills or drops. This makes it quite unique and worth considering.
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