Blazer, buy the Katadyn Siphon filter. It's a quality medical grade ceramic cartridge with a plastic tube. It will filter 5000 to 20,000 gallons using a 0.2 micron ceramic filter at 1.40 gallons per hour (3 oz per minute). Weighs 16 oz. You will be able to filter enough water for cooking, drinking, washing dishes, and clothes and even bathing if your raw water supply is questionable. I built one of these about 16 years ago and it still works perfect. This unit will offer you a back up water supply for your home too.

Be very wary of the units, such as the Katadyn Camp filter, that only use a charcoal and/or string filter. They cannot deliver safe water, just filtered water. Gravity filters last 30 times longer than a pump filter.

When you get in camp, start your filter and you'll have water ready before dinner is done... with NO pumping. I use a gallon zip lock bag as my raw water supply raised above my Nalgene, or above my 2 1/2 gallon collapsible UL plastic jug at the bottom to catch my water. You can clean the filter with a scrubby pad in about two minutes, and that is not needed often. No moving parts to break either! Brum