Ya I have bit the bullet more then a few times for my faults and theirs. I'm only mad because they told me it would work. The exact worry I had, they stressed was not a problem. I would never expect a fabric shop to make up for my mistakes. I have quite they collection of textiles from mistakes.

Ya they don't offer the quilted Ploft. I think thats why they said I would be fine working with it raw.

(from what I understand). The quilted stuff is usually made by a 3rd party not from the factory
About the tech knowledge you are so right. Nice to know that when Ayce says its a good DWR, we know he has probably slept or hiked in it. Live & learn I guess! I'm happier for now having a better place for help & service! ( to end positive!)

Fancy Gear, DWR's, and Titanium Rings; What about your Soul? Does it Bling Bling?