About Ed....... A Bro-mance like no other.....

First I emailed Ed off his website because I wanted to see if he actually wore those Timberland Cadion boots that are they new must have backpacking boot he designed.

Timberland Cadion Classic GTX
He not only emailed me back the next day but he responded to my questions and gave his gear suggestions. (I bought the boots and boy o boy... the best backpacking boot I ever owned and 1/2 the price! They really are exactly 1/2 the weight of my La Sportivas and Montrail while giving me twice the support. I use them for day hikes and week long scrambles with an expedition size pack. I love I can wear them as mountain boots as well with the crampon compatibility. I have owned a number of different brands since being a boy scout 26 years ago, I will never go back! I love the Ed V SOLE as well. Kicks the crap out of SuperFeet!). He really does wear the boots until he gets to plastic boot line.

After buying the boots I emailed him about how happy I was with them, He replied nicely back again.

I later met him at a Mountaineers.org event in Seattle Jan2008 where he showed some sick @ss slides, did a Q & A, & took pictures, read and signed his book. I felt stupid telling him I listened to his book on MP3 instead of reading it, so I bought the paperback for him to sign. He also took that picture with me and said he would sign it if I sent it to his place on the island.

All in all I he seemed like a very "guy" & smart man. No real ego and he stayed ans smiled and signed for 300+ DWR covered people. I would highly recommend you see his show if possible. Some of the slides look Photoshopped they are so unreal!

Seeing that Ed is in my backyard I always think I may run into him on a trail somewhere..... not yet.

Check out his website here http://www.edviesturs.com/

I heard you can Climb Mt. Rainier with Ed Viesturs this summer! To rich for my blood. I will just crash their campfire one night with some espresso and save 3 grand.

I hope the long version feeds your junkie habit till you can get a better fix. If you haven't read his book, do it.

Peace bro,
Fancy Gear, DWR's, and Titanium Rings; What about your Soul? Does it Bling Bling?