After much consideration and great wisdom from you all (THANKS!) I have decided to take your advice and ditch my original materials.

I'm also a little ticked off with Seattle Fabrics. When I asked them about working with the loose PLoft One vs. the quilted they assured me I wouldn't need quilting. They said the thread basting was fine every two feet and said that the quilted Ploft only adds more weight for no reason. They knew my use, saw the pictures and plans and gave me bad advice. When I called "nicely" to ask them about exchanging or getting a store credit for it (I shop there alot) he basically told me it was my fault for not doing research. When I explained that I used him & his sales people for my research he basically told me "too bad" and won't take my Ploft back. I'm shocked they are willing to lose a decent customer of years because they won't take back 4.5 yards of continuous PLoft. I don't want this to be a flame but I used to spend a good amount of dough there, no longer. This isn't the first time I got bad advice from them and had to cover the costs of learning the right way on my own.
(Anyone wanna buy 4.5 yards un-quilted Ploft 1? <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/crazy.gif" alt="" /> )

I believe in Karma, and after getting hosed I was blessed with a member here telling me to "listen to Ayce". I didn't realize Ayce was also Thru-Hiker, once I did I called him today and got the skinny on everything. (I apologize if I'm talking about another business on someone else's site. I'm not sure who is who, who owns what, and the politics. I come in peace and hope not to offend anyone.)

All I can say is thank god for you all telling me I was way off on my products. I only wish you all weren't so sweet about it. It took too many posts for my thick head to get it.

Ayce basically confirmed what you all said. I needed quilting and alot more of it then I planned. After a little chat I decided on getting the Momentum quilted Ploft One 6 oz. 2nd's. I will get two layers of that and offset it. The Momentum is closer in feel & look to my inspiration (my green REI jacket pictured in the 1st post). My mystery fabric (all 9 yards) will go to a zillion stuff sacks I guess. I'm gonna send a sample to Ayce and see if I can use it for a tarp or anything else. I'm not much for making clothes other then some pajama pants and skirts/ dresses for my wife.

I feel much better about this and look forward to getting the right materials, now that I have good information. Once again big thanks to Ayce @ Thru and the rest of you for helping me make a better decision.

All in all, I got pooped on and feel like I came up smelling like a Rose. The Universe Provides!

Thanks all,
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