Mr. Gardenville!
Thanks for stopping by my post. I noticed you mention you don't make the quilts anymore but sleeping bags.
Actually my wife's pita idea came from her version of a Big Agnes Sleeping Bag (for those that don't know they only insulate the top and have a sleeve for your pad on the bottom).
Is that what you are doing?

I also wanted to know what your thoughts ( and everyone else's) are on the pita design? Your knowledge in actually making them is invaluable to me. I have seen your other work and am very impressed.

The reason for the pita was to have some edge control and ability for the person on each side to put out a leg on a warmer night or get out without ripping the side.

I made a muslin pita at .50 scale and the high seam on the one side was all bad. This new design should allow you to stay covered and feel snug from bugs (wife demand).

Any suggestions or better ideas?

Also I wanted your thoughts on my quilting vs thread basting dilemma?

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