Thanks for the reply Earthling. (my name is Jason not Scott)

Your right about the splitting gear. We figure that taking a quilt instead of two sleeping bags will make things much lighter. It will also allow me to get a heavier, comfy pad. (Looking at the SynMats or Big Agnes. any suggestions?....) I'm a side sleeper and perform like crap on a bad nights sleep. A great pad will make my trips more comfortable and my climbing stronger.

My climbing partners and I split all shared gear and we are excited about the extra volume more then the weight of the two sleeping bags. The weight will be nice, but the bags take up room I could really use or even consider taking a smaller pack for Ranier or Denali. Maybe 3000-3500cu inch instead of the 4000-5000cu inch.

The more I think about it I want to make another project, a bivy/quilt suited for the worst conditions. When making the last day summit I hate taking the full on tent/ footy, & tarp. A sleeping quilt/bag that could stand a serious night out in the worst conditions would be perfect. I would have to sleep fully clothed in it and probably against a col or rock overhang. Could be used as a sleeping quilt in normal conditions and bivy in an emergency.
I could never sleep in a bivy unless in deep trouble. I need bug coverage even in the warmest weather. So the bivy would be only for SNAFU's. I just wonder if I can make it ultra usable as a bivy but still as a quilt for two without compromising anything. Anyway I will do this after I finish this Pita project.


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