Lars, very interesting web site. Thanks for posting the links.

The mosquito netted sleeping bag appears to be a jungle bivy sack, probably made popular during the Vietnam war era. I know a little about stabilized oxygen in liquid form, but I'm not familiar with the stabilized oxygen being sold on the site. The ultraviolet light is common in water purification systems in third world countries (we use them here in Mexico) and is sold in a backpacker's size unit as the SteriPEN. The straw is possibly incorporating a small inline ceramic filter, which if rated at 0.2 micron is a very safe filtration method. Although pulling water through a ceramic filter by mouth will make your ears hurt. PUR, MSR, and Katadyne make backpacker's ceramic filter systems. Most likely the straw filter is made of the high-purity copper-zinc redox media that sells under the brand name KDF. Brum