Good find and mention Eric!

Does anyone recall those coffee cups that were 'self heating' sold in the grocery store last year? They were in the coffee aisle near the other latte things. I thought that it would make a neat stove, but don't drink coffee and could'nt bring myself to chuck $4 at one to figure it out <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/tongue.gif" alt="" /> The bottom could be opened up and either Esbit or a wee alky stove put inside out of the wind, thus heating food or liquid inside the aluminum can upper <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/ooo.gif" alt="" />

Ok, now that I mentioned this I feel guilty enough to go look for one <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/crazy.gif" alt="" />

On a side note, I was looking in the trash can outside a quicky mart for some of those 'energy drink cans'/bottles afew weeks ago. Well, the owner sees this and comes out and says to me, "Please, come in my store and select whatever you like for free" <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/blush.gif" alt="" /> i had to explain that I was'nt 'in need ' <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/blush.gif" alt="" /> just looking for some cans for camping projects. He gave me this > <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/confused.gif" alt="" /> look, and I gave him this> <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" /> look back. Nice to know there's still folks with big hearts out there!

Like Glenn Roberts from Ohio who donated a bunch of good items for multiple doodad boxes <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/cool.gif" alt="" />