ben2world wrote:
Carrying an extra 40 lbs to pass out bibles to fellow Christians/Catholics? That's poaching. You should hike in Asia and pass those bibles to Hindus and Buddhists instead! Oh wait... wrong forum. Sorry....

Ben, my travels in Mexico take me to villages with no church, and where many of the people have not seen a Catholic Priest or Protestant preacher in many years. You could consider them to be slightly off the tourist routes. These villages are not all located on a map, so I do grid searches using Google Earth Plus to locate them.

I reach the Hindus, Muslims, and Buddhists through my web site located here:

No heavy backpack needed, only a heavy heart for the deceived and lost. is one of my anti-Islam web sites through which I receive death threats.

PS: Ben, there's a contact page available on if you want to further discuss my "poaching in Mexico", as you call it. I'll not clutter up this forum with further discussion of such. My apologies to everyone, for my having gotten off subject. I think all this began with my mentioning I carried 40 lbs of Bibles and 30 lbs of gear, and sometimes have to hang it from a limb to put it on...

Each to his own heart's desire. May God bless us all. Brum