When I made some a few years back for my husband, I used some light weight but tough PU coated nylon. Makes them wet proof as well as snow and leaf/twig proof. Socks don't get soggy or snargled up with sharp things when walking through wet bracken & heather (or rape seed stalks! Nasty, them things. Very sharp). Worn with trousers rather than breeches, they stop the bottoms getting clarted up too much on muddy tracks.

They do up at the sides with Velcro, have an elastic strap under the instep, a hook at the front to hook to his boot laces at the toe, and elastic round the ankle and the top. Dead simple, and made from a pattern scaled up from a diagram, as I recall.

I had great difficulty sewing them: turned out the sewing machine was dead. If sewing Velcro, use a Size 90 JEANS needle. For sewing elastic a STRETCH or SUPER STRETCH needle is best. A 3 step zigzag stitch is the best for sewing the elastic on.

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