Hi, congrat's!

The Crescent 75 was made through 2004. I've had the Crescent 75 and currently have a Crescent 60 and Crescent 90... to me the 75 is an ideal "all-around" one pack, pack and very stoutly made.

I've been carrying internal frames exclusively since 1978 and have owned all the "major" packs. For my body, the Osprey Crescent line was/is the hand's down most comfortable pack ever made. Very rugged too! The Bora 80 is a close second for me, but not as stoutly built and I don't like the rear pocket.

Yeah the Crescent's are heavy but to me, a pack with a "real suspension" doesn't translate into ounces and pounds because of its comfort in carrying even light loads. Comfort = refreshed at the end of the day, not tortured. I like to pare away ounces anywhere and everywhere EXCEPT in a pack's suspension! The Crescent 60 weighs 6 lbs 7 oz's and the 90 weighs 7 lbs 6 oz's... I really don't care!

The ounce paring game is fun but I really think some folks don't know what they're missing with a properly fitted, comfortable pack. Have yet to see an UL pack that carries like a Crescent.

YMMV of course.
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