Hideaki's "toggle" attatchment is BRILLIANT! ABSOLUTLY BRILLIANT! (I feel the strange need for a Guiness Stout just now.)

But I'd reinforce my RidgeRest corners with Gorilla Duct Tape before melting the holes for the toggles. On a Thermarest I will sew cord loops on the top corners for the toggles and I'm upgrading my medium stuff sack with a side covering of thin fleece and a tethered toggle at each end corner. Ahhhh, sweet dreams at last.

BRILLIANT! Jeeze am I thirsty for a beer!...(???)


BUT WAIT! There's more!
How about using the "toggle system" for attatching a closed cell foam sit pad on the end of a 3/4 length mattress? Hmmmm, now I won't have to keep re-glueing my Velcro on my 3/4 winter Thermarest for that purpose.
BRILIANT! (Well, no Guiness in the house but this IPA is pretty good.)

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