Dryer and devkrev,
Yeah. All of the above. Except I'm drawing the line at packsacks. They are pretty technologically tricky to get something light and a good carry. Maybe above my technical capacity or something. I would take another stab at a tent, but only if someone can make me a caternary pattern for something I have in mind. It has to be a tent that is easy to get into and has at least a 45" sit up height. It is too darn hard to get everything just perfectly without a whole bunch of trial and error. Arrrgggg.

As for clothing, I'll buy it whenever I can as the fabrics are pricy and most everything can be had at a sale price around here making things like windshirts and fleece just not worth the effort. At least at the level of speed and picky detail I tend to sew at. Only eVent or Goretex Pro might be worth sewing into a jacket, pants or even a rainsuit as these pieces can cost you $200-400 for good stuff. I've actually been dreaming of a jumpsuit (with pit zips and a neck to crotch waterproof zipper for wet meadows that you add a pair of goretex shoes to for some wet traversing. You could lift it from the bottom for a quick pee under a tree. Sorry, haven't worked out the woman's model yet.
Listen to the trees in the wind