It seems that people assume that the only reason that people make gear is to make it lighter weight.
There is a very intersting parallel hoby of making skin on frame kayaks, the true greenland/aluet kayaks. The process of making a SOF kayak is so personalized that it can not be commercialized very well at all. As a result, no one tries to keep industry secrets and there is a huge amount of sharing ideas and giving advise. I recenlty met the co-founder of Heritage kayaks on a paddle trip. He was obviosly more versed in the kayak making industry than me, but yet he loved my kayak and had all sorts of questions about how I made it. He was envious of my crappy boat. It was odd that "the industry" was envious of my stuff. The process can not be industrialized and no one makes a SOF boat to "one up" anyone other than themselves. People do it because they want a unique boat and love the process of making them. What a simple concept.
DIY gear making is different. There seems to be competition with "the industry" to make things lighter weight or somehow better. I do it simply because I can and enjoy doing it. Cheaper?... who cares. Lighter weight?... its a toss up. Much more rewarding for me?... yup.
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