In other words, I'm poor because I like to take a lot of time off, and I wouldn't be able to take that time if I had a "real job".

Right on.
I could not have put better myself. I think a lot of folks get caught up in the American Way, and spend their earthly time (in this vessel/body anyways) pursuing material stuff. More power to them. Sorry corporate america, I want to spend my time on other pursuits.

If I can make it better, lighter, cheaper then I will. And if I do make it, I always seem to enjoy it more. I am not super great at making my own stuff, but that does not stop me from admiring my accomplishments - and what better time and place to do that than in the the great outdoors as I cook on it, pack my gear in it, snuggle up in it, wear it, or dash under it in a sudden rain storm. I must admit that right now, during winter I don't think there is anything other than MYOG clothing in my pack, but as weather warms I will get MY stuff back out for another season.