I know they are not as wide ranging, but the Muskox has excellent wool yet you don't hear about the native's using them so much. I am sure they do, but their not as wide ranging maybe. Not sure. In the article I posted there were a few native groups that made wool from dogs. I wonder if any used wool from Muskox or if they just used the fur. I suppose the Muskox wheren't so easy to shear. Perhaps that was it.

p.s. It just occured to me that there might be reasons of efficiency why some people of certain regions adapted to herd and shear certain animals rather than simply hunt them and use their pelts, similar to the way they are sometimes used for milking or bleeding rather than just for meat. Herding isn't just a means of food storage, but creates other opportunities as well. Interesting.

I'm guessing that herding for food came first, and wool second, but who knows.