Hello folks,

I have a few questions for anyone out there that can help me out.

Where can I purchase Tyvek online, and how much would a square yard cost? What kind works best for a tent rainfly?

I take people trekking in tropical jungles; and although I have a preference for hammocks, a lot of my clients prefer to sleep with their backs flat against the ground, in tents.

Tents are cumbersome in the jungle because humidity is very high and condensation makes you feel like you're in a sauna when the rainfly is on. If you take the rainfly off, then it gets comfortable, but you run the risk of getting wet from a flash shower at night.

So I figured that I could get rid of the manufacturer's tent rainfly and probably use a larger piece of fabric and pitch it high over the tent, so as to allow more ventilation. The fabric has to be extremely lightweight and waterproof.

Someone recommended Tyvek, but I haven't found enough information online to decide what kind or where to buy it.

Any help will be greatly appreciated,