Are you planning on using anything for insulation in between?

As layers go, there are lighter alternatives. Unless you would otherwise be naked, the advnatage of the reflective surface is over-rated. If you plan on any sort of tree or tarp overhead the reflective surface becomes fairly redundant. Multiple shell layers are still useful, but unless you get a shell layer less than 0.33 oz per square yard even synthetic insulation is more effective. I try and keep shell layers to a minimum and focus on insulating layers. As a general rule I think all of your insulation should outweigh all of your shell layers in all your gear and clothing. Also I think the insulation should be a healthy mix of wool, synthetic, down, and closed cell foam.

I think those emergency blankets are more than 0.3 oz per square yard. The only thing I know of that might make multiple layers interesting with just some minimal batting in between would be that Cuben stuff. Still, by the time I inlude my own skin, my wind layers, my two sleeping bag shells, and my poncho/tarp I think I already have enough shell layers.