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So good that you clarified. I hope you see my point about Goretex as well. Indeed, I do associate them with "the past" -- meaning simply that their products are not cutting edge (with all the associated pros and cons)

I actually do agree with you: currently Gore-tex seems to have been fallen behind. But I purposely use the term "currently" because things can change, sometimes very fast. Perhaps I haven't explained myself very well. What I mean when I say that people disregard Gore completely, is the fact that a lot of people had already an opinion on and were disregarding gore-tex pro shell when nobody exactly knew what was it all about, nobody knew what had changed and nobody had had a chance to test the stuff. It was a gore-tex product so it was automatically inferior. That, I think, is silly. For me everything is an option untill someone has prooven it shouldn't be.

Actually, I do hope that Gore comes with something similar like eVENT for the simple reason that up to now, I haven't seen a single eVENT jacket which gives me that very exciting feeling. The cut is wrong, the details are wrong, the lay-out is wrong, construction is crap and when I find a jacket that could be it (like the Westcomb Specter), it has not ventilation openings. And I think you know very well what Mark Verber said about the comparison between his eVENT shell and his Peak jacket.
Otoh, some gore-tex based jackets seem to have almost everything I prefer, except that they are using gore-tex. Of course, if someone just would make the perfect eVENT shell, that would be a lot easier. Is someone hearing me? <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" />