I figure maybe bearpaw can answer this one for me..

Here's the deal - I'm really a "just walk through it" in the summer kind of guy,
wet feet don't bother me much. However, I'm typically wearing a well loved set
of raichle boots - size 10.5 wide. They just fit. I don't have hobbit feet, but perhaps
first cousin, or illegitimate child of hobbit feet....

Now while I'm not about to go becoming a card carrying member of the trail running
mafia, I've been keeping my eye out for a nice comfortable, light and well ventilated
trail runner - the kind water drains out of. Please no gore tex, etc. etc.

However, I'm more an more of the opinion they don't exist, at least not for my feet. It's
quite hard to find wider than the standard width in the first place, however I've gone
through the local running shoe joints, and now went through three outlet malls in the
states with "outdoor" shoes, and an REI. everything I put on scruntches my little toe in,
or is so long it's a ski, and I want these things to fit.. I've probably tried 5 or 6 different
new balances, asics, nike, and montrail.. bleah! nothing fits good, and I've spent literally
hours trying on shoes.. even bought a couple pairs of NB's that I thought might fit the
bill - nope...

So, any of the trail runner mafia out there with *wide* feet?

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