One thing that SERIOUSLY hacks me off is that I can buy UK made quilt fabrics cheaper from the USA than I can here! So I do... But when it comes to the bulk items, the handling and VAT kill the advantage, so I just get that here.

I can get MOST of what I need for outdoors projects from Point North and Pennine Outdoors here in the UK, or from Shelby in Finland (part of the EU now and so VAT and postage are the same as for inside the UK). I also get some real bargains from an outfit called Croft Mill, who buy factory excess fabric from Berber, Henry Lloyd, and sometimes from the Italian and other Euro outdoors and sailing equipment suppliers. That's where some of my Polartec Windbloc came from.. When I could get it in the UK it was £17 a metre, but this was £8 a metre! Worth opting for a slightly wussy turquoise and navy rather than a more blokish scarlet!
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