Does the kevlar tape work very well. I mean can you pick up the can/pot with it full of boiling h2o and not get burned through the kevlar tape. I saw that J Klass was using it, but does that mean that he is able to lift it off the stove like that? Is there any off gasing from heated kevlar? It looks like a wonderful idea if I can find some kevlar tape I will experiment.

Hey Hooty,
With the Kevlar tape and tea light stove, yes, you can easily lift the stove without burning your fingers. Because the output of the tea light stove is so low, you don't need thick insulation and so the tape works well.

There's no gasing off from the Kevlar itself but after the first couple of times you use it, you might notice a slight smell from the JB Weld I use to attach the tape to the Heiney pot. People always bring up the same issue with galvanized hardware cloth stands but I see it as a non-issue. After all, do you put your face directly over your cooking setup and breathe in deeply the whole time it's cooking? Usually, I'm off doing other camp chores while my water is boiling and nowhere near my stove so I really don't care about concerns of toxic fumes, etc. Hope this helps.
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