Facts are verifiable. So, does anyone out there have both the Hiker and the new MSR filter? If so, please weigh them on a reliable scale and report the result. Then all of us will know which filter is the lightest and by how much.
I finally got my production sample of the HyperFlow and have weighed it (I'm using the Sunbeam 5 lb. Scale, model SP5). The results are:

-HyperFlow Filter w/o prefilter, hose, lid, or bag: 4.9 oz.

-Lid only: 1.2 oz.

-Hose and Prefilter only: 2.5 oz.

-MSR HyperFlow Bag only (includes Tyvek instructions on how to backflush): 1.1 oz.

-HyperFlow w/ prefilter and hose (not including lid): 7.4 oz. - You can use it in this configuration with Platypus Bottles. The water outlet on the HyperFlow fits perfectly into the Platypus opening.

-HyperFlow w/ prefilter and hose w/ lid: 8.7 oz. - The lid makes filtering into Nalgene and Drom bags much easier.

-HyperFlow w/ prefilter and hose w/ lid and bag: 9.8 oz.

-New HyperFlow filter element only: 0.8 oz (23 g)

I pulled out my Pur Hiker and weighed it. These are the results:

-PUR Hiker Filter w/o prefilter, hose, bottle adaptor, or bag: 8.7 oz.

-PUR Hiker Filter w/ prefilter, hose, and bottle adapter: 12.7 oz.

-PUR Hiker Filter w/ prefilter, hose, bottle adapter, and bag: 13.6 oz.

-New PUR Hiker filter element only: 3.5 oz. (99 g)

*These are dry weights for both filters.
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