Iíve had problems w/ Hiker Pro filters and I will probably have problems with the MSR Hyper Flow filters (I would love to be proved wrong).

Hiker Pro claims 0.3 micron filtering.
AutoFlow and HyperFlow claim 0.2 micron filtering.

Yet the filter I use only claims 0.4 micron filtering (First Need). Thus you would expect the First Need to filter less impurities than the Hiker Pro. However, Put 2-4 drops of dark food coloring in 1qt of water. Filter; then see if the filtered water comes out clear. If this test works, then this is also a good method to see if one has accidentally cracked said filter. Hiker Pro always lets the colored water come right through. First Need does not.

Will someone prove me wrong on the MSR Flow filters?

Thank you,