I can't see where the MSR AutoFlow is much of an improvement on the ULA Amigo Pro, 7.5 oz. and $45. It's both pricier and heavier, and only a little faster.
I don't know anything about this filter. I think the best attribute to this filter is the price and weight. One major disadvantage to the ULA's filter is that it's not field cleanable.

I'm confident the AutoFlow will filter at twice the speed as this one based on the fact that the Hiker is rated at about 1L per minute pumping, not through gravity feed. Again, not having used this filter, I'm only guessing. Anyone have any experience with the ULA Amigo Pro?

One unique thing the AutoFlow has is that it doesn't allow the water and dirt to directly flow into the main filter element. The picture of the ULA's pump shows the water spout on their 1.5 gallon bag is located on the very bottom thus allowing the dirt and everything else to enter into the main element. There is no mention of a mesh screen to keep the chunks out. The AutoFlow allows much of the dirt to settle before entering into the tube and also has a 70 micron screen just in case that covers the tube entry way.

I've watched the AutoFlow work and it is fast! The biggest issue with most gravity fed filters is the speed and/or wait time. This is not the case with this filter. It's also very compact and light (not as light as ULA's, but when compared to other pumps). I believe it's a great option for those who want an alternative to pumping.
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