Well, azcanyon already pointed out what I was referring to in the weights where the actual weight of Hyperflow is being reported around 11 oz with all the needed items to actually use it in the field. That was the only point I was trying to make in the difference in weights between the Hiker and Hyperflow. It appears to be maybe closer to a 2 oz difference. As jackb said it would be nice if someone could weigh both of them.

I wasn't trying to cast judgement on the filter (although it may have come off that way), I was just trying to get a better understanding of it. I just like trying out different gear, and whether or not I like my Hiker there is always room in the rotation for another filter. Unfortunately my opportunity has passed as I was going to use my REI 20% off one item coupon and it has expired. Well, maybe I'll consider it again when I get another coupon.