That intake does seem to swim around - and that's with the hose relaxed (note the coils in the water.) It's also in a very still sink of water. Makes you wonder what would happen with the hose fully extended - as mine often was when perched on a rock or log (or one foot on each), trying not to fall in - and the moving water in the stream constantly shifting it anyhow. However, there might be a fairly simple fix.

A couple of years ago, I started carrying a Granite Gear Slurpin bowl (size medium) to use with my Miniworks filter. The filter stores inside the bowl, which replaces the stuff sack, so I had little or no weight gain (an ounce, at most.) I added the bowl to make life easier: instead of perching precariously on a rock or log, trying to keep the inlet from drifting out of place, I simply dip a bowl of water and carry it to a comfortable log or rock and sit while I filter. I usually let it stand for a minute, to settle. The relatively small diameter of the bowl will minimize any movement of the intake, and the bowl is deep enough that I can keep the outlet out of what little sediment does settle out.

By the way, I've never been impressed enough with the Sweetwater's sturdiness in the store to give it a try in the field; the handle assembly just plain looks flimsy to me. However, I've used a Miniworks happily for years (recreationally, not thru-hiking - anywhere from 10 - 30 days a year) without anything ever going wrong - the pump handle shows no signs of stress at all. Before the Miniworks came out, I used most of the PUR models, including the Hiker and Explorer (I think that was the name - looked like a bicycle pump), with my Scout troop; every handle on every model broke within a year - a couple on the second weekend. They also clogged remarkably fast, and since the elements were not field cleanable, this meant we had to always carry an spare element - something I've never needed to do with the Miniworks. So, for true apples-to-apples, I think you have to add the weight of the spare element to the Hiker. (In the end, any decent filter is going to put a pound or so into your pack, by the time you count everything. The only truly light filter I've ever tried is the Katadyn Mini, also field cleanable, but its flow rate is so slow I don't put it in the "decent" category.)

Now, having said all this, I've not seen anything about the Hyperflow that gets me excited enough to even consider replacing my Miniworks. The Hyperflow doesn't seem to offer much weight savings, and the bottle adapter seems a lot more fiddly than the attachment method of the Miniworks. The idea of backflushing may make it field cleanable, but it looks like a lot more hassle than just taking the element out of the Miniworks for a quick scrub. No "wow" factor at all, at least not yet.