Jason , there is one more thing.

In looking at that video of the Hyperflow linked in your original post, I noticed that the intake hose is not connected to the filter body or cylinder, but to the pump itself -- to the thing that is going in-&-out-&-in-&-out.

It's tugging at the hose and that's causing the pre-filter or intake end to be jumping around, which in the field would be causing it to hop around on the bottom or up to the top, stirring up sediment or even sucking air.

On Katadyn/PUR filters, the intake hose is on the the filter cylinder, which can be rested on a rock while you pump the handle up and down. One of my main concerns when water-wanking at the stream is to keep that hose STEADY to keep from stirring up the bottom. My PUR Guide even had a rubber bottom that it rested on to help steady it.

With the Hyperflow, MSR does seem to have addressed the problems of the old antique-pitcher-pump style filters like the Sweetwater and the Miniworks with the new bicycle-tire style pump. Those "pitcher-pumps" tended to give out at the hinge on the pump handle. That part on my old Sweetwater literally crumbled while I was pumping streamside & in mid-hike years ago, which is why I switched to a PUR Guide that's now no longer sold.

I've been looking for a replacement for that old Guide that recently gave up the ghost and I've been searching the many posts on the subject on the forum. The Hyperflow looks promising, but this hose-on-the-pump thing has me concerned. Any thoughts on that?
- kevon

(avatar: raptor, Lake Dillon)