I myslef was gung ho to drop the cash on one, but as I read more it seems as though the only advantage of this filter over the Hiker is the speed.
Out in the West, field maintainablility (ie. the ability to clean the fliter element in the field when clogged) is pretty important. Perhaps in the eastern US it isn't as big a deal. I won't get into an argument about filter weights, and I'm happy you like your Hiker <img src="/forums/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" />. I will just say that even if the weight is 13 oz., the HyperFlow is 5.5 oz. lighter. For the lightweight zealots, saving almost 6 oz on one piece of gear is significant. It may not be to you.

Taking the chemicals out of the water are akin to removing viruses in my opinion (speaking for myself and not Cascade Designs here). Though important (MiniWorks EX is the best at this), the question is how much of a threat is it in the backcountry? If this is important to you, then the HyperFlow (which doesn't have a carbon component in the fliter element) may not be your filter.

Before casting judgement on this filter, I would check one out (they will be in stores very soon). On paper it is impressive, but up close and personal it is even better. The HyperFlow is a huge step forward for backcountry filter technology and will be a serious contender in the marketplace. There are many who are very satisfied with their current water treatment solution which is great. I, for one, am switching to the HyperFlow or maybe even the AutoFlow (gravity fed filter, just over 10 oz., filters at 1.75L per minute WITHOUT have to pump(!), also field maintainable). Personally, I've filtered water directly from the Colorado River and have been very satisfied in the quality of water produced by the AutoFlow (used one briefly that was an early prototype approved for backcountry use. My current sample is not).

There really is nothing more that can be said than what I've said already. If having one of the lightest weight water filters on the market; pumping at 3 to 3.5L per min; and being able to clean the filter element in the field which will significantly improve performance doesn't meet your needs or worth the upgrade, then I would stick to what your using currently.
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