We are going to continue with the Miniworks because it is still the most thorough of any filter in creating the best quality of water from a microfilter pump. The new HyperFlow doesn't contain a carbon component which means that it won't take out contaminates (pestisides, etc.) and any bad tastes in the water. The Miniworks is the best on the market in this regard and the ceramic/carbon combo is incredibly able in removing the bad stuff in even the worst water. Even though the HyperFlow is completely capable according to all of the tests that have been peformed, the Miniworks beats it in sheer quality of water performance. They are both rated at filter down to 0.2 microns, but the fact the Miniworks is a depth filter, meaning it requires the water to travel through about an inch of ceramic and carbon makes it more thorough (this does not mean that it will take out viruses, but is able to tackle more stuff in the water like contaminates). This only should be a concern if you are filtering out of standing water that is obviously rank with microbes (not including virus' which no mechanical filter will remove; they need a chemical component) similar to a sewer pond, often found in third world countries. If you do run into this water with a HyperFlow, the user may need to filter it twice.

We will also be selling the SweetWater as well for the same reason, but at a lower price than the Miniworks. However, the Sweetwater, though also producing a better quality of water than the HyperFlow based on the carbon component, doesn't have the longevity of the MiniWorks. As I stated above, all of the MSR filters have been tested both in the field and the lab for years before they enter the market. We have been working and testing the Hollow Fiber technology for about 5 years.

My recommendation is buy the HyperFlow if speed and weight is the issue, but if quality of water and/or emergency water concerns are the main factor, then the Miniworks is the best choice followed closely by the Sweetwater (based on longevity, not performance). There should be no concern about getting sick when filtering in the backcountry in North America with any of the MSR filters. If you do travel where the water may be more contaminated (Mexico, Taiwan, Africa, etc.) we recommend taking a chemical option like the MIOX.

At the end of this year, the WaterWorks EX will be discontinued.

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