Not sure how to rate it, but I put 2" baffles in it. Got the pattern from TLB, Jeremy Padgett.
The purple ripstop I got for $1.5 per yard. the baffles I paid $13 for, the old LL Bean bag was eager to give up its down and retire. Woo Hoo. The down was most likely 550 when it was new 15 years ago. I over stuffed the foot area a little. It was heavier than I wanted, but I made it with room to spare and with that heavy down. It came in at 24.25 ounces. I can live with it and if I like it enough I will make a lite summer model with 800 fill and get the weight down to 16-17 ounces. It is cozy and combined with the tyvek bivy it should perform good.