Post Trail Food Recipes HERE.

This Forum presents a collection point for recipes that you would like to share with other packers.

You may post recipes that you have discovered elsewhere or recipes that you have developed. Please post the following information:

RECIPE -- in appropriate format and instruction by which someone could actually follow well-worded sequential steps. Include ingredient measurements as accurate as possible. Handful of this and handful of that might be sufficient (although let us know the size of your hands.

EXPERIENCE -- let us know if you have or have not tried the recipe and what your opinions are, accordingly.

CREDITS -- we'd like to collectively applaud you (and your source) for your contribution. Along with your submission, tell us how/where the recipe originated (or where you got it). If you created it do you want us to publish your name / email / forum username or ?????. Let us know to what extent and how to credit you and your source.

Reminder: this thread has a particular purpose, as stated, it is not for general chatter related to food recipes.

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