I already know the answer. I have started out with goals of 10 miles max and 6 hour days and flower smelling expeditions but every time I end up forgetting the goals or Murphy imposes his rules. Sometimes there is some practical limit like this trip I got to a water source about 2:00 PM and I knew the next source was 15 miles away so I packed up three quarts of water and set off. The next thing I ran into was a sign which said temporary reroute, follow the yellow ribbons. About a mile later the yellow ribbons disappeared so I just took a cross country route which I knew was going to hit a road. By the time I was done for the evening I had blown an extra 1-2 hours and still had about 11 miles to the next water source and it was about three miles after that before I got to a spot where I could legally camp.

But my intentions were good on this trip. Intentions just met reality. As usual I said I will not do this again and as usual I was planning the next trip on the way home.