I'll be 64 in April. But I feel 44 and some ladies tell me I "look 45" so I' guess I am blessed with picking the right parents, gene wise, that is.

My worst problem is the 2 moderately herniated L4 & L5 discs but they really don't seem to bother me. Anyway. most of my pack weight is on my hips, not my shoulders/spine. And I carry two Leki hiking poles, not one. More support, less chance of slipping.

So I alpine, telemark, XC and backcountry ski camp in winter and hike, backpack and sea kayak in spring.summer .

Howsomever... this year I bought a LOT of lightweight equipment (pack, sleeping bag, tent, stove) for 3 season camping. No sense carrying my old Dana Terraplane at over SEVEN pounds when my REI UL 60 weighs only 3.3 lbs.
Or no sense in hauling my heavy PUR Hiker water filter when all I need is a funnel, coffee filters and Aqua Mira. All my heavy, old backpacking equipment ended up as winter camping gear, including my MSR Dragonfly white gas stove.

"We get too soon old, and too late smart." Old Pennsylvania "Dutch" saying.

Wish I'd carried UL stuff years ago.

Eric B.


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"There are no comfortable backpacks. Some are just less uncomfortable than others."