Well, my hope is to do at least the JMT, if not larger portions of the PCT and other long trails, after I retire. I'm 51 now, and may be able to retire as early as 55 (but who knows?) if I keep my $$ expectations low. My philosophy is that I will do what I can in the outdooors now (which isn't a lot due to my busy schedule, but enough so that if I suddenly were stricken with terminal illness or disability, I wouldn't have to smack myself on the forehead and say "why have I wasted my life?" or words to that effect). Then HOPEFULLY, when I do retire, I will have a long trip to really look forward to. If I never get to do that trip, I have still had wonderful adventures. But I think I'd advise anyone hoping to do a long trip far in the future to take into consideration how "cheated" you'd feel if it turns out you never got to do it - if the answer is "a lot", then do some of it NOW!