I'm 68 this year and I'm still going fairly strong. So far this year: Grand Canyon twice, both solo, once via the South Bass Trail in May and once via the Hermit trail in October; one two-week, long-loop, mountaineering trip with my nephew in the Sierras in August that was mostly off trail; another six day solo trip in the Sierras in September plus four, three day trips in the southern Arizona mountains near where I live. The long trip in the Sierras was under a starting load of about 65 pounds; thank heavens it was mostly food. I have been backpacking and climbing since 1946 mostly in California, Washington, British Columbia and Alaska. I recall when REI was a single store about the size of a two-car garage upstairs from the Green Apple Pie restaurant on Pike Street in Seattle. I bought my first climbing boots there in 1953.
May I walk in beauty.