Thanks for the response. You are the type of role model I was looking for even though you only have about 5 years on me.

A two week long trip without re-supply would be well within my capabilities. With about 21 lbs of food and 15-20 lbs of gear I'd be up to about 40 lbs. That's OK for me.

The mileage you are aniticipating however (175) would be about twice my normal pace. I tend to go slower and take more time off from actually hiking. Most trips here in Washington include a few thousand feet per day of elevation gain.

By the way, I've noticed that walking on the level hasn't been affected much by the aging process. Up hill with a pack has, however......big time. My up hill pace is roughly half of what it was 30 years ago.......with half the weight. Used to be able to go up switchbacks at about 3MPH with 60 lbs. Now it is 1.5 MPH with 30 lbs. Feels just the same but the watch and maps don't let me maintain the illusion that nothing has changed.

Thanks again for the response.