I agree that Gore-Tex boots don't seem to last as long as they used to. I think the main culpurit is shoes are being designed to be lighter and more flexible. As Bill mentioned above, you get flexing in single wear points that cause the waterproofing to break down. More flexible boots will wear quicker like that. I also agree with Bill that it would be difficult to truely reseal that type of failure.

Since this is a hiking forum I will give a shout out to the idea that many (most?) backpackers have given up on waterproof boots. I find lightweight breathable shoes work better for back packing. They let your feet breath. Waterproof boots don't (shouldn't!) let water in but they also don't let water out. If you are hiking long distances getting the sweat out of your shoes is more important for keeping your feet dry. Walking through water? Light weighter hikers dry quickly. If water gets over the lip of a water proof boot it is held in for the rest of the hike.

Obviously you do what works best for you, but I wanted to throw that out there if you hadn't thought of it before.

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