Way back in 2002 at the young age of 21 I bought myself a fantastic backpacking tent (for the time). In those days Mountain Hardware and MSR were the new high-end technical outdoor product manufacturers on the scene, and after some deliberation on the internet I purchased a Mountain Hardware Hammerhead 2. It had everything I wanted in a tent:
- 2 doors
- 2 vestibules
- room to sit up
- LOTS of screening to see the starts
- ability to partially zip the screen so you had privacy, but could still see the stars
- A shape that was really wind resistant (3-pole, hexagonal, no flat sides, fairly shallow angle with ground)
- Easy up (clips)
- a window in the rain fly... granted it was super tiny and I would have preferred something larger.
- great color combo - not bright and flashy. Kinda disappears into the woods.

Anyway, I camped with this tent for the past 20 years almost, but recently I had an unknown can of bug spray explode in my gear locker. None of it touched the tent, but it fumigated all the gear. I don't know what's in that stuff, but it turned all my tent fabric... soft? And kinda tacky. The seal weatherproofing on the rainfly is peeling off, the ground cloth absorbs water, and the bottom of the tent feels like it would tear if I push to hard on it with my finger. Also, after a heavy rain, the tent was full of water, so I assume the rainfly isn't doing it's job at all. All the screening and upper tent fabric is still just like new though. It's honestly a tragedy. I really love this tent.

So, now I'm re-entering the world of tents after two decades, and it's... there's just too much information out there. SO my questions are as follows:

1. Is the tent a goner? I can't imagine how I could fix the integrity of the fabric itself, but I thought I'd ask anyway.

2. What are the "good" technical manufacturers these days? Has Mountain Hardware gone the way of North Face?

3 What tents should I be looking at to get similar features to what I had with this one? I'm ok with a slightly heavier backpacking tent to get the features I want. If I'm really going lightweight, I just take my Hennessy.

Here are the tent specs:

REI Mountain Hardware Hammerhead 2 https://www.rei.com/product/717779/mountain-hardwear-hammerhead-2-tent

But mine is in these colors:

You can see the light green color of the rainfly in the background - it was the same color as this: