Im not talking about backpacking strictly. Myself I have done a few thru hikes and tramped ( NZ HIKING) 1000'S OF KMS, along with Ran and paddled 100's of Kms so i completely understand how it may seem like im researching I have not done or not interested in. What im after is people who want to talk about why do they go outdoors beyond just wandering or to see a landmark, get out of the house, usual stuff.

Im basically looking for people who do adventures whether that be backpacking, paddling, sailing, in pursuit of something that they cannot answer easily and feel the need in some manner to journey beyond what they normally do in hopes of answering it. Sounds a bit metaphorical but that is what I am ideally after, however abridged to this convo is after people who might want to answer some questions in a non formal unfiltered convo/interview about their adventures and the pursuits of voyaging, as i might have stated which i may not have, is an adventure based method to answer questions whether personal or proffessional or leisurely about the outdoors and peoples connection to the earth and how the outdoors or trips are used to try aim to answer that. .. I hope that makes sense here . Cheers Bushman