I need to dispose of some really nasty old camp/lantern fuel that's full of rust and, probably, water.

I was going through my old stores of chemicals and found a can of Coleman brand fuel that was rusted through. A little quick online research showed that it would be okay to pour it into an HDPE container. I just happened to have a HDPE jug on hand, so I used that. But, the fuel is so full of rust that's it's almost black. I'm guessing it's probably not okay to throw it in the dumpster. I moved into an apartment, so I don't have a large open space to burn it, but I do have a private patio space. I was thinking about just burning it in my cat food can stove, one stove load at a time, but I really don't know if it's safe to burn in an open flame. IIRC, camp fuel is mostly kerosene? If it's anything like gasoline, it's a TERRIBLE idea to burn it out in the open, due to the invisible flammable vapors. A lot of people set themselves on fire this way.

Anyone know how this stuff burns?
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