I always stop to take my water bottle out of my side pocket, drink, and put the bottle back in the pocket; takes a total of maybe 5 minutes, and I drink about once an hour. In the course of a 8-hour hiking day, I "waste" (as most consider such halts) about 40 minutes a day - but never seem to arrive at camp "too late" to do everything I have to do and even seem to have an hour or two of daylight to relax and enjoy the sunset.

Don't overthink this. Five minutes an hour doesn't really make a critical difference about 95% of the time.

As far as weight, I'm currently evaluating the Platypus Quickdraw. I've had some design issues with a non-threaded outlet, and lids that aren't tethered to the Duolock bottle I use for drinking, but in terms of overall ease of use, I like it - the fact that the filter, Platypus dirty water container, and a Platypus Duolock bottle weighs 5.3 ounces complete; 2 bottles raise that to 7 ounces.