I bought some Seam Grip + FC to reseal the seams in my North Face Vector 22 tent and fly (its an older tent 15 years old about). This was before I knew there was silicone based and polyurethane based treatments for fabrics. Well I found a description of the Vector 22 https://www.rei.com/product/732584/the-north-face-vector-22-tent.

In the description of the rainfly, it says it is "Silicone-/polyurethane-coated". Does this mean it is silicone on the outershell and polyurethane coated on the inside of the rainfly? For the tent, it just says that the floor is "coated nylon taffeta" without mentioning what it is coated with. So will my Seam Grip only work for sure on the inside of the rainfly? I'm so confused.

I've reached out to NorthFace for an answer (my guess is they will just tell me to buy a new tent lol), but wanted to see what people had to say here. Need some help soon because I leave for my trip this Sunday and I know for a fact it isnt rain resistent because I got soaked a few years back.

I also bought some Nikwax to coat the tent and rainfly with, but from my understanding, the seams is where the water gets in, so I"m not sure if just using Nikwax is going to help. And it is scheduled to rain at least the first 3 days of my trip! Any help would be appreciated!